"The belief that a child will outgrow his problems...may prevent him from getting professional help at the age when it will do the most good".

A. Jean Ayres, Ph.D.,

Sensory Intergraton and the Child


Redwood Pediatric Therapy Associates Inc.,

is a group of pediatric occupational and physical therapists dedicated to helping children with

motor, sensory and/or learning challenges.


Pediatric therapy facilitates the development of sensory and motor skills necessary for the child

to play, learn and interact with his/her environment. The focus is on integrating the child's program into their daily routine while including the parent in all aspects of their treatment.




Redwood Pediatric Therapy Associates, Inc.

is committed to providing quality services in the

most natural environment - in the home, in our

large pediatric therapy clinic, or in the classroom.


We gladly accept referrals from MDs, Speech Therapists, Schools, Psychologists, North Bay Regional Center or other agencies serving children and their parents.

Occupational and Physical Therapy for Children